“Burn in me your desire a passion worthy of your name” – Hillsong

Irelands best kept secret – I AM

Sisters Bethany and Lauren Doherty along with Marie Martin are a vocal harmony group from the North of Ireland. Their mission is to heal people through their inspiring words and beautiful music.

Music is in the hearts and veins of the people in Ireland and is the essence of their culture. 4 years ago the group got together when Marie returned home to Derry after travelling Australia where she was inspired by the band Hillsong United. With a new vision and hope in their hearts they began their journey of exploring faith and harmonies.

In Summer 2017, whilst recuperating after surgery, Marie wrote the first song, Greatness Galore. It was in this time of peace and reflection that creativity continued to flow. Prayer, words and melodies became the daily language for the band and with overwhelming support from the community around them, they found themselves in the recording studio.

It has been a whirlwind from writing and recording their original debut album ‘Fight The Good Fight’ performing in Phoenix Park for The Popes visit, performing for Hollywood actress, producer and author Roma Downey at her hometown book launch and being recognised and honoured as invited guests to personal development seminars by author, entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins.

From performing locally at sell out shows as well as internationally in Germany and the United States and a european tour on the horizon, the abundance of adventures and grace for I AM has been truly remarkable.

“It’s been a biblical journey”

Watch this space!

Upcoming Shows

28th April 2019

Radio Maria gig

8th June 2019

Pentecost Sunday – ‘I am Fire’

Rainbow Centre, Leitrim

23rd June 2019

Radio Maria gig

28th June 2019 - 2nd July 2019

Summer Madness Festival

Glenarm Castle, Antrim


Lauren Doherty


Derry Born Lauren Doherty is a gifted singer/songwriter. After completing both her degree and masters in music, she passes on her wisdom and knowledge as a singing teacher. She lives and breathes music and is still very active with her faith. Her nicknames include “pendrive” as she is a font of information and “metronome” for her incredible ability of keeping time!

Marie-Therese Martin


Singer/Songwriter and founder of I AM, Marie-Therese Martin, grew up singing in the catholic church in Derry. Marie is a visionary leader. She has a heart and passion for people. Marie appointed her dog, Lady Charlotte as the bands mascot and is also the in-high-demand group therapist.

Bethany Doherty


Bethany Doherty is the youngest member of I AM. She is a singer/songwriter and her gift of playing guitar is central in their worship leading. Her creativity and style is very unique. She grew up in the Catholic faith and totally immersed in music. She has a talent for comedy and is the bands in-house I.T support.


New Album

Fight the Good Fight

New album from I AM

In under four years, I AM have taken worship to the streets, our sound then echoing to international audiences. It’s in Derry where we unveiled our self-penned album in the hope that one day our hometown will be crowned Worship City. Our highly anticipated debut album, ‘Fight The Good Fight’ is out now.

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“A marvellous sign of hope for young people of all ages. The songs they sing spring from gracious generous hearts.”

The Most Reverend Donal McKeown – Bishop of Derry
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